The Complete Official New 2014 Telexfree Compensation Plan (Updated)

OFFICIAL 2014 TELEXFREE COMP PLAN (Launch and International Training Events)

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UPDATE (13/03/14): Important ADDENDUM added below.
The International Training and New Products Launch Event for the TelexFREE New Compensation Plan officially took place two days ago, i.e on the 9th of March 2014, at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, at 110 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

The event has come and gone, launching us into a new era, with promoters testing the waters to see how deep it is. With the launch, it seems the new compensation plan is simpler than we thought viz-a-viz our initially published draft of the New 2014 TelexFREE Compensation Plan.

UPDATE (added 18/03/14): Breaking News! Telexfree Updates 2014 Compensation Plan

Official Release of the New 2014 Telexfree Compensation Plan

There are small, but important, differences to our original draft.

In this short article, I tried to summarize the differences between the OLD and NEW plans, as I see it; post some important picture excerpts from the official PowerPoint training event; AND although I had initially meant to embed a video presentation on this page, I have ended up only adding a link to the official video recording of the presentation.

The OLD Versus the NEW TelexFREE Plan

I noted a few important differences between the two plans as follows:


In the old contract plan, you get 90% when you get a customer who buys your 99telexfree software; in the new plan, you get 10%.

In the old plan, you get a $100 direct referral commission when you sign up an Adcentral family under you; in the new plan there are NO referral commissions. None whatsoever! The $100 you get in the new plan is when your referral sells/buys 10 VOIP product plans. Please see pictures 3 and 6 below (i.e. promoter incentives and direct bonus)

In the old contract, you as Adcentral family needed another 10 Adcentral families personally sponsored by you to become a Team Builder; in the new plan, you as Ad Family Plus need to personally sponsor another 5 Ad Family Plus accounts to qualify as Team Builder. See picture 9 below.

Under the old contract, when you renew after completing your 52 weeks contract, you do not get your residual 40cents; but with the new compensation plan, when you renew, your residuals follow you to your next contract year.

The new contract has a 1K Club, where you, as Adcentral family plus, are rewarded for personally sponsoring 4 promoters within your first 30 days as a promoter.

P.S: All OLD contracts remain the same in terms of ad posting, weekly payments, etc.

To be AD FAMILY PLUS QUALIFIED, you need a total 15 customers.
Why? PLEASE NOTE! Family plus has to have one personally sponsored promoter on the RIGHT and one personally sponsored promoter on the LEFT. Remember, everyone must maintain 5 customers, right? Thus, you need to have 5 customers, the guy on your right also needs 5 customers, and the guy on your left needs 5 customers too. Why? BECAUSE they MUST be Family or Family Plus to be considered Promoters. They must be Family or Family Plus to be in your binary. ALL Family and Family Plus MUST have 5 customers EVERY month.

Thus every Ad Family Plus needs a TOTAL 15 customers = 5 for you + 5 for the guy on your left + 5 for the guy on your right.

The New TelexFREE Plan in Pictures (from the training session)

Tip: Click pictures below to enlarge them!

New 2014 TelexFREE Plan in Pictures
Pix 1a: Sign up and Associate benefits

Pix 1b: Promoter Options

Pix 2: Direct and Indirect Commissions

Pix 3: Promoter incentives

Pix 4: Ad Family

Pix 5: Ad Family Plus

Pix 6: Direct Bonus

Pix 7: Binary Bonus

Pix 8: Fast Start Bonus
(There is no limit to the # of Fast Starts!)

Pix 9: Team Builder

Pix 10: Team Builder Bonus

Pix 11: Old and New plans compared

Pix 12: Power of 3 referrals (per promoter per network)

Pix 13: Power of 4 referrals (per promoter per network)

Pix 14: Monthly residuals (from 5 active customers per promoter)

Pix 15: Indirect Ad recurring income

Pix 16: The new 1K Club

The TelexApp Launch

Smartphones and Apps
According to TelexFREE:
  • 97% of users have a cellphone, of these 56% are "smart phones"
  • 34% of all users are "mobile-only" and have no other phone or computer
    • 93% of cell phone users text using their smart phones
    • 82% take pictures on their cell phones and smart phones
Viber recently sold for $900 million - People call apps to call people
WhatsApp recently sold for $19 billion - People want to be connected

How can you connect to your groups and networks?

Introducing TelexApp
  • Connects to TelexFree99 International Long Distance Service
  • Connects to your phone's existing address book
  • Chat/Instant message groups - Direct communicate with down lines or customers!
  • Send voice or video messages*
  • Call app to app or app to landline or cell numbers
  • Available on IOS and Android phones worldwide on any carrier
  • You must be a registered Telexfree user to log into the app

The Official 2014 TelexFREE Comp Plan Video

TelexFREE decided to stream a live video of that day's highly anticipated event, launch of the TelexApp and training on the new compensation plan, for promoters who could not attend in person. The company said it "...could not leave you out of this big day and therefore has prepared a surprise: You can watch the event live!"

The video is now recorded and still available on the internet. To watch the official video recording, click here!

TelexFREE announced a promo, in which an extra $500 will be paid, if you qualify for the 1K Club. This promo will run from 10th March till 9th April 2014 ONLY. It will NOT extend beyond this period, except the company decides to extend it. This extra income is to encourage and galvanize us into action.

If you come across any further differences between the old and new plans, or other points that may benefit promoters income-wise, please share with us in the comment section below!

See the Initial Draft of the New TelexFREE Compensation Plan  (2014)

You may visit the official TelexFREE website here.

ADDENDUM (added 13/03/2014 at 1400HRS GMT):
A rumor is making the rounds that a group of ‘leaders’ got together with Telexfree corporate in some secret meeting, and expressed their displeasure of the New 2014 Comp Plan; and that Telexfree went back to the drawing board to RE-DO THE COMP PLAN!!! If this is true, then I'm appalled because, although it may benefit us promoters, but what does it say about the company? It says that the company is not confident and does not make sound decisions before going public.

Compensation plans are not thrown up over night. They require analysis, consideration of both psychology and mathematics as well as revenues and expenses to come out with a good one. It can’t be based upon a group of peoples’ whims and then hastily modified as quickly as one would change their underwear.

Remember that at this time, it's still an unconfirmed report! Stay tuned as we try to confirm it!

The Rumor is NOW confirmed. Please see details here: Breaking News! Telexfree Updates 2014 Compensation Plan

UPDATE (added 14/03/2014 at 2130HRS GMT):
TelexFREE has added a "Frequently Asked Questions" Knowledgebase Section on the NEW COMPENSATION PLAN on its website.

TelexFree Compensation Plan FAQ’s
- Effective Date March 10, 2014

What is an Associate?
It is the entry level position of a TelexFree Promoter

What is the difference between an Associate and a Promoter?
An Associate is the entry level of a TelexFree Agent; A Promoter is a higher level and is able to participate in a variety of incentives

What happened to partners form the previous compensation plan?
The Partner will remain as in the old plan and converted to an Associate on renewal (after paying the renewal invoice)

What is the $19.90 a month charge for?
The monthly fee is to maintain all electronic services associated with your web site, back office and the commission program needed to be a TelexFree promoter

What do I need to do to become Promoter?
You must be an Associate and then acquire at least 10 TelexFree99 customers – 1 time

Do I get paid for recruiting another associate or promoter?
No, You are only compensated for the product sales made by the Associates and promoters that you recruited

How long is an Associate position good for?
An associate position is good forever and does not expire

How long is Promoter contract?
A Promoter contract is good for 1 year

When does the promoter contract start?
On his 10th sale. In other words, it starts the day an Associate makes his 10th sale

When does the promoters “week” start for the ad program?
The week will always start on the first Monday after your promoter contract starts. In other words, on the Monday after the 10th sale

What is active?
Associates and Promoters are considered Active if they have 1 or more new or recurring customer sale in a 30 day period

What is Binary qualified?
Promoters are binary qualified when they are Active and have enrolled 1 Promoter on his left and 1 on his right who are in good standing

What is “In Good Standing”?
An Associate or Promoter that pays his $19.90 monthly fees will remain in good standing

What is Ad Family Qualified?
A promoter is Ad Qualified when he has 5 customers sales each month. It can be 5 or more paid VoIP monthly fee.

What is Ad Family Plus Qualified?
A Promoter is AD Family Plus Qualified when the sum or sales, from his node and direct nodes, are equal to 15 customers (5 need to comes from his own) and has to have 1 Promoter on the left and 1 Promoter on the right, who are both Active and In Good Standing

What do I need to do to participate in the Ad Family plan?
You must be a Promoter that has reached the sales levels required to meet the Ad Family qualification

What happens if I was a promoter before the change?
Legacy promoters will be transitioned to the new plan with specially crafted requirements allowing them the potential to earn even more than the previous plan

Will Telexfree have more products to support the sales requirements?
Yes! TelexFree will be offering a range of new product offerings very soon!

SAIBAWORLD SPECIAL NOTE: Concluding from Telexfree FAQ, if you are an ADFamily PLUS and you only have 1 customer, then you CAN earn in the binary but you can NOT earn AD Posting money of $100 a week. So REMEMBER order to earn AD POSTING money of $100 a week, you MUST be AD QUALIFIED which means you MUST HAVE 5 CUSTOMERS!


  1. In simple terms, AD Family sell 5 VOIP packages and AD Family Plus sell 15 VOIP packages with 2 people in ur network left & right (each selling 5 VOIP including yours 5 = 15).....

    1. Well thats what it seems to add up to, at least for now. We're looking at several options, working to see if we can maximize returns, despite the new plan.

  2. I still confused what the meaning of "ALL Family and Family Plus MUST have 5 customers EVERY month."

    1. Maman, well, truth is its actually simple to understand. So lets break down what Telexfree said into simple words.

      If you are an associate, you could choose to become an Ad Family, Ad Family Plus or Team Builder (see pix 1b above). You, as an associate, need 5 customers to qualify to become an Ad family. And as an Ad Family, you need 2 people on your right and left, each with 5 customers, to become an Ad Family Plus.

      Please note: an associate, wishing to be an Ad Family, at the first instance, is expected to have 10 customers just ONCE, thereafter, only 5 is required to active (see pix 11 above).

      Hope you understand it now.

  3. I am not happy with this where do you get 5 clients/customers per package it is actually 15 per family or family+, because you purchased 10 packages for $499 which you can sell or give away and then you must now still maintain 5 clients/ customers per family or family+ So that gives you actually 45 VoIP packs. What happens if one defaults on one of your promoters? left or right??? This is definitely a turn for the worst. I am in South-Africa and no one except maybe people that constantly travels abroad will benefit from paying for the VoIP or app

    1. yeah...! totally agree ..!

    2. Hi Riaan, no need to mourn. Lets try to beat this obstacle, there just must be a way.

      By the way, yes, in the first instance, you need 10 customers (or you can purchase 10 packages) the first month, but in subsequent months, you need only 5 active clients. So even if 1 defaults, you have 9 active; AND if 5 defaults, you still have 5 active. So, you're still good to go!

      Lets not loose our heads. Lets look for a way forward. Am sure there is a way forward. Peace to you all, my brethren!

  4. In subsequent months an Ad Family promoter spends $249.5 plus $19.9 totaled $269.4 but earns $200.

    1. Its been amended, u can now keep 2 customers and enroll 2 promoters and earn $200 as an Ad Family

    2. Yes i know, did a post on the update, the next day after it was publicized. See it here:

  5. Actual this new plan is not for us basically from Africa, why? its very rare to find person using VOIP poduct to communicate, so i don think if i can get 5active client each month thats one, second when i think to buy it myself it will be loss to me because, may be im not qualfied to get $100 after first 30days so it means I will receive $50*4= $200 per month while I supposed to pay for 5VOIP which means $49.9*5=$249.5 + 19.9(maintanance)=$269.4. from that scenario will I continue with business? just compare what I earn $200 and what im going to pay $269.4 which is imposible. please come up with a soln Im just confusing myself.

    1. Take it easy brother. We're all distraught too, but determined to find a solution. Cheers

  6. hi
    i'm in South Africa too and was making $100 per week per fam pack.
    how much will i make on the new comp plan? its very difficult for ppl to buy into Voip here so i would not be able to.
    how much can i make by placing ads and getting ppl under me to place ads only?

    1. Hi Lydia, if you were making $100/week on each of your Ad family accounts before the official launch of this new plan on 9th March 2014, then the Telexfree system will continue to pay you as before because you are still on the OLD contract.

      However, if you open an account now, then you will be under the NEW plan. Under this new plan, if you place ads ONLY, you earn nothing. You MUST have 5 active customers monthly to earn $50 (for Ad family) or $100 (for Ad family plus), PLUS other bonuses and monthly residuals.

    2. For the ones that are in South Africa(or any other country), I just started to recruit promoters. I am going to be traveling a lot to recruit new promoters. The advantaged of people signing their self under my self is that I will be helping them find promoters. The most important thing I understood about this new plan is that there is no way you can make money by your self anymore. We have to unite and help each other. Don t worry about anymore and just join us! Together we can find the way to make more and more money. If you would like to get more information about our plan please send me an email at or facebook me MariaMarichal. Looking foward to help any one!


      March 24, 2014 1:54 am

  7. Hello can anyone answer to my questions?I have just started about 2 months ago with old plan. On Tuesday 11 Mar is my ad week start but i don't get paid for the 9th week, my stock is no record found. Moreover I see that i have pending invoice amount of 49.90 usd. I don't really understand why this amount is appearing? do i have to pay for this invoice? I didn't buy anything just post ad everyday..


    1. i tink u shd jus go ahead n pay d $49.9 invoice...h/v on 2nd thots, i'd prefer u renew ur expired 99telexfree software licence for ur customer (which i knw u must v bought ursef)

    2. Hello @Unknown, just like Kool T suggested, i also think you should go ahead and renew your client/customer.
      Now, the truth is i do not know if that's why you were not paid. But if you have an invoice to pay, then i'd suppose that's probably the reason.
      My suggestion? Renew your client's service.

    3. Tanny, when your stock said, "no record found", Telexfree already repurchased for you automatically. Check your statement and it will tell you that you are paid.. If you have pending invoice, go ahead pay it from your back office, so you can continue receive fast start bonus, binary bonus and unilevel bonus. If you have 6 families or less under you, you may not want to pay the pending invoice. Right now you are getting 10% commision, NOT 90%.

  8. o governo PT está envolvido até o pescoço nesse impasse do nosso dinheiro!
    Estão usando nosso dinheiro para construir hoteis e investindo em estádios para a copa, já que, eles não podem usar o dineiro da corrupção para isso....
    isso ai vai desenrrolar só depois da copa do mundo aqui no Brasil, porque ele já estariam reposto todo o nosso dinheiro d devulgador que está "retido pela justiça brasileira por suspeita de pirâmide". ESTÃO USANDO NOSSO DINhEIRO.

    Tudo isso está na cara só não enxerga quem não quer ver!

  9. Hi everyone, take heart, we will surely find a way around this.

    Meanwhile, a business similar to Telexfree, but much easier because you can join FREE and post daily ads to make money, is around. Its making money for people, and will soon spread like wildfire.

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    Even if you have no money, join as a FREE member and work your way onto the paid subscriptions by posting ads daily. This is sweeter than Telexfree!!

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    1. I just looked at AGN and I'm not understanding the business model. Can you briefly explain how this is similar to Telexfree and how you make money, how often you are paid, and are you required to have a huge downline. I'm highly interested in this if I can see that this a viable business model. Thank you.

    2. Hello Sonja, its similar to Telexfree in the sense that you subscribe (either via their free account or any one of their paid accounts), then you are given a Back Office through where you post ads daily, and so qualify to get paid weekly under a 52 week long contract, which you are expected to renew at the end if you so wish.

      Yes you can operate alone just posting your ads ONLY if you wish, just like in Telexfree, OR you may want to have as many downlines as you can refer, so as to earn bonuses/compensation from their actions, again just like in Telexfree.

      Well, about payment, your money is accessible via your Back Office to any one of the e-wallet services they allow you to use, once again just like in Telexfree. From there, you can move it to your personal bank account.

    3. Oops sorry i forgot to mention they have one or two differences from Telexfree. Aside subscribing to AGN membership packages (i.e. free or paid), you also pay a monthly subscription (just like Telexfree's new plan monthly service charge), which you can pay for out of your weekly AGN payments.

    4. Hi thanks. how do I Join AGN? for telexfree, I don't think I can make any money if I have not recruited new members.

    5. Hello,i am a ugandan and would like to it already in operation here in Uganda?? Or if not i would like to build a team here. Thanks.

    6. please give us a full review of AGN, looked at the site and kinda found it hard to make sense of it all(well enough to join) but i like the sound of it. You can let us know when you post the link up for the tutorial and walk through. thanx

    7. Hello friends, I do not know if AGN has come to Uganda yet but it would be very great if you can start and build a team there in Uganda.

      To join, simply visit the website here: Join AGN Global Business Opportunity. Then click on the 'JOIN' link on the navigation bar to fill a small online form. And voila! You become a member. Welcome aboard, my friends!!

    8. @Andy thanks for the great suggestion. I actually had it in mind, but today has been quite hectic for me at work. By God's grace, I will do a tutorial article on it tomorrow and post the link to it here for all to see. Thanks for dropping by!

    9. Okay thanks Ikenna. I look forward to the review because as stated, there isn't a whole lot there at the site to explain how it works. I've seen that before advertised however I didn't get the impression at all that it was similar to Telexfree. But you have certainly peeked my interest so I will check back tomorrow to read your review. Thank you.

    10. I've just published the promised article here: I'll soon follow it up with one or two more AGN-related articles, maybe over the weekend, if i can squeeze out the time. Happy reading all!

    11. Ssebo Ikenna Adimekwe the fact that u r from Nigeria West Africa we can hardly trust u. we rather. eat little with TELEXFREE. Muli " BAFERE"' nnyo!!!!!!!!!
      Longlive TELEXFREE

    12. I wonder why you insult Nigerians here by this prejudicial belief of yours, using an "Anonymous", instead of your real name. Anyways, wherever you're from, we are not bothered.

      Please be informed that I neither own AGN nor know any of its managers. The CEO of AGN is Mr Victor Rival whom i've never met all my life. The company itself is registered in Belize, a Central American country, and has its HQ there.

      Again, I never said Telexfree is evil, I had and still have several Adcentral family accounts there. I only said their latest comp plan broke many peoples' hearts, including mine. What crime is in that?

    13. As a matter of fact, because of you, I've decided to do a post on the origins of AGN. I'll be posting it before the end of tomorrow. Thanks!

    14. Hello Ikenna, Can I join from Cambodia?

    15. Hello Ikenna!

      I just join AGN under your name. Can I have your email so that I can ask for help because I am very new to this? Thanks

    16. Hello Chhinho, yes you can join from any country of the world. It is an internet-based business, so accessible from anywhere in the world, just like Telexfree.

    17. Hello Anonymous, link to my contact page can be found in the footer below. Cheers!

    18. @Ikenna, Can you give me you email address? I would like you to explain on some part of AGN. Thanks,

    19. Hi Narith, so sorry for late reply, my contact is via the link in the footer below

  10. Thank you for your article. By far the best expanation online. After carefuly reading, only 2 questions are left unclear:
    1- Do you receive $50 a week even if you don't have any clients?
    2- The promotion anounced at the event, the 1K club. Will you receive $500 for the 1k club bonus and a extra $500 if you achieve it between March 11 and April 9, or is just one $500 bonus?

    1. Hello, thanks for appreciating my labor. The answers are:
      1- No! Under the new plan, you must have at least 5 active clients to earn.
      2- The 1K club is a compensation bonus of itself. It rewards you $1000 (i.e. 1K) and has come to stay. You qualify for it by becoming Ad Family Plus and personally enrolling 4 promoters (2 on your right, 2 on your left) within your first 30 days. The $500 is a promo bonus that is running between 10th March till 9th April for anyone who makes the 1K club. Thus, if you qualify for 1K Club now, instead of getting $1000, you'll get $1500. After 9th April, this extra $500 will be discontinued.

      Feel free to ask further questions if you're still not clear. :)

    2. 5 clients mean we have to buy voip 5 packages every month in order to get 50$ per week? It seems not logical.

    3. Well, that's generally what they mean, but the truth is you don't need to be get new clients every month. You can renew any 5 you already have.

      Let me quickly point out here that the crux is that they expect us, not to buy or renew these clients ourselves, but to go out there and recruit people. This is the truth of the matter.

      However, the natural question that comes next is: how many people will want to use this service, when you have free services like WhatsApp and others, and you have to pay for TelxApp, even if its $0.99 like its priced in Google Play, especially in Africa?

      This is the question that I and some friends in Telexfree in my country are presently experimenting on. I'll post whatever results we get here.

      Personally, i'm bent on finding a solution to this issue because of certain reasons of mine.

  11. Does anyone knows if there is a limit on hoe many accounts under self?

    1. You can have as many accounts as you want...just name them differently e.g. your_name, your_name1, your_name2, your_name3, etc etc. You can as well use any other method of naming you wish, but name them differently!

  12. HI Ikenna, thanks for the good work, i know you are in the same boat as us and yet you are working so hard to make it clearer for us. appreciated. My question is on the OLD promoters that are on Adcentral, do we upgrade in the old way yo AdCentral Family or can we enter the new Family or FamilyPlus model? Also since there are no more Adcentral and Adcentral Family, how much so we earn when we recruit a Family or Family+ into our teams under the new plan $80 or $20?

    1. Hello norman, thanks for your qustions.

      Since you're on the old contract, your weekly earnings remain under the rules of the old contract. If you upgrade from inside your Back Office, it will be the old way. Everything will change for old contracts when they renew at the END of their 52 week contract. Quoting Telexfree, all old "...promoters will be transitioned to the new plan with specially crafted requirements allowing them the potential to earn even more than the previous plan"

      All other things are under the new plan, including the Binary Bonus. If you bring in 2 "Promoter" - one to your right, the other to your left; you will earn NOTHING at the first cycle. This only QUALIFIES you to start earning when you have the next binary. When you earn, it will be $80. All binary bonuses are now $80. See Pix 7 above.

  13. What is good is that the new contract will not affect the old members. However the new one is so complicated that very few people can join it. VOIP is very expensive. I can see some will be earning less that what they pay.

    1. That's what we're all still grappling with and trying to understand how to go around it. However, if you so wish, you can come join me at AGN Global Business Opportunity.

  14. What happens to those in the old contracts if they want to add more clients

    1. By clients, you mean customers, right? Well you can have as many clients as you want. You'll get back 10% of the value (i.e. 10% of $49.9 = $4.99) of each client you get. So, the more clients you got, the more your residuals.

      In other words, though your account still runs under the old contact terms, any client you bring on will run under the new terms (i.e. old contract returned 90% to you, but new contract will return only 10% to you). Cheers!

  15. mayb i hav to done with this telexfree , and start a new one that better than this shit plan

    1. Hello Skong, I understand how you feel. And the feeling is mutual. There are many other MLMs out there, but few like Telexfree. Such a pity it all came to this.

      On a personal note, I recommend you read this my article: You must not join except you're convinced, but i can tell you that you'll enjoy it if you join. Happy reading, friend!!

  16. As promised, i have published an article on the online business i am sure is a very good alternative to Telexfree. See it here: AGN - best alternative to Telexfree. Hoping you take action TODAY! Cheers!

  17. What is pv??? And how you can use it? e need to post only one Ad per day even if we are gold ou diamond level???

    1. PV means personal volume. I already explained it on the post on AGN. Let me explain again: it's available for each subscription level (Silver- 10 PV, Gold - 50 PV, Diamond - 100 PV). When you directly sponsor other members, you will receive additional PV based on their membership level.

      Well, the number of daily online ads you post is based on the number of packages purchased. Please see the post on AGN for more.

      Please kindly ask questions on Telexfree ONLY on this post. If you want to ask questions on AGN, please go over to the post on AGN found here: Thank you, my friend!

  18. Thanks for all your efforts helping us to understand the new Telefree compensation plan. I'd like to join the AGN MLM. Could you please send me your contact? Am in Lagos Nigeria. Hope to here from you soon.

  19. Hi everyone, I also concerning about the new plan also.
    I just have been qualified as a team builder on 28 01 2014, but I don't know when I could get the 2% bonus, I mean a specific date of receiving.
    And I dont know whether I should continue maintain that 55 clients until when if I don't see the bonus?
    Can anyone help me have experience with this situation?

    1. Hello Kokkheang, the truth is that Telexfree STOPPED paying team builder bonus on the old comp plan since later part of last year. I've heard it's since June/July last year.

      The worst thing there is that Telexfree Corporate (i.e James Merrill, Carlos Costa, & co) didnt see it fit to forewarn promoters.

      Anyone who qualified for team builder bonus on the old comp plan will NOT be paid any team builder bonus either now or in future.

      For you or anybody else to receive team builder bonus, you MUST qualify for it based on the new comp plan. Pls see pix 9 and pix 10 above for how to qualify for team builder bonus..

  20. i have a question? if u are still under the old contract, do u still need to have 5 customers?

    1. Hello, if take time to watch the Telexfree presentation, whose link is above, you will realize that the company was clear on this issue: old contracts do NOT need 5 customers. Old contracts are under the old contracts. PERIOD!

  21. Hi,

    Myself Sudhagar. TELEXFREE old plan member. My stock shows no results found. Will I get paid for this week or not? All members in our team have the same issue. Please advise.

    Further just I register AGN. Please advise further procedures.


    1. Hi Sudhagar, the "No Records Found!" in stock section is a widespread problem right now amongst all old members. All my family accounts also have the same problem.

      We have tried to contact the key people in Telexfree and they say it's because they are having a little issue integrating the new plan platform with the old; but they say it is a temporary thing and will soon be over.

      The problem with Telexfree Corporate (i.e. James Merril, etc) is that they usually do not give out enough information for people to work with. On a persona note, I'd say you should't worry. Just continue posting your ads. That's all!

    2. Congrats to you if you have registered with AGN! Hope you registered under me.

      Well, log into your AGN back office, go to DASHBOARD >> DAILY QUALIFICATION and post your ads for today and everyday onwards. Secondly, choose a Premium Subscription level (Silver- $10/mth, Gold - $50/mth or Diamond - $100/mth). Finally, Purchase AGN packages as many as your subscription allows you. Silver buys upto 5 AGN packs, Gold buys upto 20 AGNpacks, Diamond buys upto 100+ AGN packs. Then just post your ads daily, and watch your money grow every week. You can withdraw as soon as you hit $40.

      Please all further questions on AGN should NOT be here. This page is ONLY for Telexfree. If you want to ask more questions, please visit this link: Thank you!

    3. Hi Anthony Adimekwe,

      Yes. I have registered (AGN) under you.

      Thanks for your reply about telexfree. Our team members are in confusion / depress because of the "No Records Found". We have started recently the TELEXFREE and we didn't earn what we invested. Your reply made us little cool. Once again thanks.

      I will be in touch with you in AGN link.


    4. You're welcome, my friend. I too have not made what i invested into Telexfree.

      I'm also bothered about this their issue of 'No Records Found!'; but they say we should be calm. I really hope they rectify this issue fast. Cheers!

    5. Last week after I "repurchased my stocks". I got paid and it also showed that "no records found". This week by the day I'm suppose to get pay, it shows that I do have stocks to repurchase but I can't repurchase them until next week. This means that I did not get pay for this week! On my other accounts, they all say "No records found". This is irritating me. I called the customer service number and all they told me was that "telexfree is still getting it fixed". So when it's fixed, does that mean they will pay for this week (the week that I didnt get pay)??

    6. Hello Sunny, I really wish I could give you a categorical answer but, unfortunately, I cannot because it is only Telexfree support that can.

      They say they will rectify it, I sure really hope they pay in arrears because ALL my accounts have been showing "No Records Found!" since last week. God help us all and keep our investments safe in Telexfree!

  22. Ikenna, I also want a role AGN seems interesting, how?
    you can contact, face book, mail, thank you

    1. Hello da vit, facebook page is If you want email, see contact link in the footer below.

  23. Hello Ikenna! I just registered AGN under your name. How can I contact you? Can you provide your email? Because I am very new to this network and I am living in Cambodia I might need a lot of help from you in the beginning and if it is successful and long term and I can recruit a lot of people from here. Thanks for your reply. Best regard.

    1. Hello, you can get to my contact page through the link in the footer below. Cheers!

    2. Chhinho.. my name's Viceaka! I'm living in Cambodia too..! is my email!

      @Ikenna Adimekwe .. i just register AGN too...!

    3. Hello Vicheaka, you are welcome aboard!

  24. I get a big problem with telexfree now..! i paid invoice within $1425 (old plan) about ten days ago..! that amount of money already subtracted from my bank (visa card). then another invoice (same invoice number) send to my eWallet account again...! when i log in to my back office. it alerts that i have an unpaid invoice..! i try the email, ticket( with another account) and call ..! but no any result ..!

    1. Telexfree says they are currently upgrading their system to integrate both the old and new contracts. Honestly, i do not know how long it will take. Perhaps that is what caused the problem.

      However, people are still paying for the new accounts. I really cannot explain why you have this issue now. Your option now, though you have tried email, ticket and call, is still Telexfree support, whose service i know sucks!

      My brother, wish i could be of more help to you but its actually Telexfree support only that can rectify this. Just keep trying, and let us know after few days whether you are successful or not.

    2. I'm in the same situation as Vicheaka with an old contract that I have paid aout 10 days ago.
      In addition, for my old contracts, I suposed to get paid today, but I can not repurchase in my back office (records no found!), and I do not see my weekly earning either in my balance :-( Please help !!

    3. Hi glamour, welcome once again. Sunny Vang had earlier commented (see above) that he called customer service and they told him that "telexfree is still getting it fixed".

      The problem now is we don't know long its going to take them to fix this problem. Also, we pray they pay up for the week any promoter did not get paid. I really wish I could do more, but even me, I'm in the same boat. God help us!

    4. I just called ..! and they said the old plan is no longer available they will return the money within 10days business days....!

    5. Thank God your money will be returned. That's a heart-warming news, even though you may feel disappointed that you didn't get the old account you paid for!

    6. Hi Guys,

      Please see post in FB - TELEXFREE MILLIONAIRES UGANDA.

      Which one is true?

      Also seen a news that TELEXFREE banned in REWANDA.

    7. i wonder how they know it's me ..! they answered my questions rashly ...! and didn't ask me the username or and id ..! maybe there are many people in the same situation as me ....!

    8. Hello Sudhagar, yes i already heard about that, and that's why I posted a limited article early this morning here: Please note that I am trying to confirm a whole lot of the information before fully completing that article later in the evening today.

      About the ban on TelexFREE in Rwanda, unfortunately, it is very true. The Rwandan government banned TelexFREE because they fear it is a potential channel for money laundering.

    9. guess what ..! the account (old plan) that has twice invoice is activate by today ..! so it's mean they don't return the money ...! but activate the account .. so I'm in now ... :)

  25. Ik my bros, I've been following your blog comments. You seem to be thorough in this business. I'm curious and angry now bcos I have 12 accounts but my worry is that this week's disclosures, I have no records to stock repurchase in my back office. All my ads are complete. What is actually happening. Kaycee.

    1. Hello Cletus, see this post: The post will be updated later this evening and will answer your concerns.

  26. Ikenna, how about the mode of payment. i cant find wire transfer and i dont do any of the listed options for the AGN. How do i go about that?

    1. Hello johnny, AGN works with the eWallets, as listed in this article: You can do wire transfers to and from the listed eWallets.

      P.S: This page is for Telexfree comments. Kindly direct further comments about AGN to the AGN-related articles here:

    2. Hey johnny, i forgot to mention - join our skype group chat for more. Skype ID is drtonik (just indicate you're for AGN). Cheers!

  27. Hey friends, i am closing this comment thread soon because TelexFREE has released its own FINALIZED official compensation plan. You can see that post here:

    For the latest in Telexfree, see Thank you all for the useful comments!