How Social Media Can Add Fun To A Long Road Trip

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Social Media is here to stay and that is a good thing! With the right hashtags, follows and downloads, you can have a marvelous time doing almost anything, including while going on a road trip.

Road trips can get boring especially when travelling alone or long distance, however, with this platform you can find the right pit stops, tourist sights and new travel buddies whose companionship will ‘literally’ spice up the trip.

If you are looking for ways to jazz things up while on the road, Nkem Ndem Vivienne, a writer at, Africa’s self-acclaimed No.1 online hotel booking portal has listed 3 ways social media can save the day.

3 Ways Social Media Can Add Fun To a Long Road Trip

1). More friends, more fun

With the social media, people do not sit through a journey feeling bored or lonely. Most of the social media portals have forums through which subscribers can meet other users, giving them an opportunity to make more friends with similar interests and expand their circles.

Instagram for instance has the ‘Instameet’, where you can search for new friends or business contacts who are possibly going on the same trip as you are. On twitter, you can search for new contacts using a hashtag related to your destination and meet those who have opinions to share. You can even send them a direct message and get a one-one connection.

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2). Home away from home

Social media is the perfect way to stay connected to home while you are on the road. Rather than make phone calls, you can keep family and friends updated via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by sharing pictures of your activities on the road at intervals.

It offers an opprotunity to receive feedback through comments, likes, shares and direct messages. You end up feeling safe and more relaxed on the trip and the communication takes away that feeling that comes with being too far from home.

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3). Information galore

There are a ton of ‘hands-on’ information available via social media, all you need to do is ask or search. For instance, you can just ask questions like: “Does anyone know where I can find a restaurant on my way to Lagos from Enugu?” or “Is anyone attending the Young Writer’s Conference in Abuja tomorrow?” on many of the online forums and you will find a lot of people responding and even sharing links with you.

Several online forums are available and easily accessible to you out there on the internet. In Nigeria, aside the very popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; Nairaland is also frequently visited. So go on and catch yourself some fun as you hit the road for that next long trip of yours!

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Nkem Ndem Vivienne works at Jovago, an online start-up; and is a Travel/Technology Writer. She is a regular feature on SaibaWorld. You can reach connect with her via the Twitter handle: @ndemv and on Facebook

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