YieldNodes Income Opportunity - Making Money Through Crypto MasterNodes

In cryptocurrency terminology, a node is any computing device which maintains a crytocurrency network. For example, a phone, computer or any other device which has the ability to receive, transmit, or contribute to the blockchain of that particular cryptocurrency is considered a node.

A masternode, as the name suggests, is greater than a node in terms of having roles which a regular node does not have. A masternode is a computing device which hosts the full blockchain ledger of that particular cryptocurrency. It provides incentives to node operators to carry out the core functions of running a blockchain.

You can make money by helping set up a masternode through the many available masternode server rental programs, such as the YieldNodes income opportunity.

Introducing YieldNodes Income Opportunity

Yieldnodes is a server rental program through which you are able to contribute towards setting up a masternode, by renting a part of it and thus making money from it.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it is also not a trading investment.

Through renting portions of the masternode server, you contribute to the stability of the network, and are thus rewarded for your efforts.

It is important to realise that the YieldNodes income opportunity is not related to trading cryptos or currencies in any way.

How Does YieldNodes Opportunity Work

Participants' funds are used to set up servers that operate as masternodes and to stake small volume coins which allow those servers to partake in crypto network activities and generate more coins.

Staking is the process of buying and holding coins with the goal of receiving interest. The reason your crypto earns rewards while staked is because the blockchain puts it to work. Cryptocurrencies that allow staking use a “consensus mechanism” called Proof of Stake, which is the way they ensure that all transactions are verified and secured without a bank or payment processor in the middle. In the YieldNodes income opportunity, the masternode server you rent and coins bought on your behalf become part of this process so generating more coins as profit.

The proceeds from staking in the YieldNodes income opportunity are shared 85% to participants and 15% to the program (the rental payment).

Regulation and Results

The YieldNodes income opportunity is not regulated or supervised by any financial entity, and has never claimed to be. It is a project made by crypto enthusiasts for other enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and masternoding.

Results are NOT guaranteed, and are highly dependant on the cryptocurrency markets doing well. However, returns have been very impressive so far. It is however important to note that future results may not necessarily follow past performance.

Having said that, I need to add that signing up to the YieldNodes income opportunity was one of the best decisions I ever made, in terms of gratifying financial returns. Please see the section on 'Performance So far' below.

Performance So Far

Although YieldNodes have been profitable so far, future results cannot be guaranteed from the past impressive performance. I have shared below the real performance of this income opportunity from 2019 till date (click on the images to enlarge them).

Real YieldNodes Past Performance Graph

Real YieldNodes Past Performance Graph
Actual YieldNodes Past Performance Graph. Click to enlarge.
From the 2 graphs above which show the actual performance of this income opportunity since 2019, it is clear that someone with an initial deposit of 500 euros in September 2019 now has 6,791.63 euros if compounded (or 1876 euros if they were taking away all their profits). These represent a profit of 1258.33% (or 275.2%) respectively. For someone who made an initial deposit of 5000 euros at same time in 2019, they would have made 67,916.29 euros if compounded, or 18,760 euros if they were taking all their profits every month. These are also a profit of 1258.33% and 275.2% respectively over that same period of time. It is important to note that these are actual true figures.

The graph above compares the profits from investments in the compounded YieldNodes returns (red line), bitcoin (light brown line), non-compounded YieldNodes returns (deep brown line), Dow Jones (purple line), and gold (yellow line).

Without any shadow of doubt, the compounded YieldNodes returns was a far better investment during this period of time, when compared with BTC, Dow Jones or gold.

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YieldNodes is an income opportunity that you should really grab if you have the good fortune of coming across this post. It really is a great income opportunity.

To join the program, kindly proceed to the registration page to sign up for this program TODAY! And then fund your account.


  1. Hi I downloaded a YieldNode app from the Google PlayStore but have found it does not synchronize with my account on YieldNodes. Would you happen to know why?

    1. I suggest you immediately delete the app from your phone. You may want to read below what the official site says to a about their mobile app:

      No, at the moment there's no officially approved app for YieldNodes. If you find some apps in Google Play Store - they are 99% SCAM and created to steal your money. Always make sure you use our website with correct domain name "members.yieldnodes.com" before making any deposits or activity.

      So you can see for sure you downloaded a scam app. So please delete from your phone.

  2. Interesting program. I'm joining. Thanks for sharing

  3. Really happy I joined this program as I've made a lot compounding. However, I want to start withdrawals. Would you suggest withdrawals to BTC or to USDT? Thanks

    1. Hi @Reuben either of them is fine. You can also withdraw into a Sapphire (sapp) wallet if you have one. It doesn't really matter which wallet you withdraw into as they all end up as your asset. Personally though I have both usdt and btc wallets, so would go for either of them: usdt because of its stability or btc because of its value. I don't have a sapphire wallet myself. But they're all OK