31 May 2011

Blogger About to Be Redesigned

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As already hinted at by the Blogger team (see also the Have You Looked at Blogger Lately? video), the Blogger team has been hard at work on a brand new, next generation design for Blogger. After doing a sneak preview at the South by Southwest conference back in March, Blogger received some great feedback from the media:

1 May 2011

Google's +1 button: the perfect feature for sharing and upvoting web content

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In late March 2011, Google again came out with a new feature for search and other Google products - the +1 button. Google says their goal is to give web users "...the most relevant results as quickly as possible." In their own words:

Helpful Videos: Blogger and Blogging

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Below are videos ranging from 'How to start a Blog' to many new feature videos like the '+1 Button' and many others. These videos are relevant for bloggers using the Blogger platform. Please NOTE that videos are continually being added and updated.