About this blog

Hi there, welcome to Saibaworld!

I asked myself why create this blog, seeing i already had four other blogs taking up much of my personal, professional and family time; and i came up with an obvious answer - I'd blogged for years and wanted to share my experience.

I cannot say for sure why i picked the name, "SaibaWorld", and can't say I'd heard it before; but it sure does reflect my WORLD of experiences on CYBER space. Hope that makes sense to you.

I've spent countless days glued to my PC and long dreary nights working on one blog or the other. I'd usually feel sick the next morning with red swollen eyes and some light-headedness. Yet, I'd still be at work later same day. Through those terrible days, I came out a better blogger.

Blogging is fun, but can have its terrible side. The central ingredient for any serious intending blogger is passion, passion...and more passion! Without passion, you cannot be committed to the dreary days and nights that must come for you to excel. Without passion, you will fall away easily in the early days when you realize that despite all your 'hardwork', no one seem to notice your blog. Without passion, you'd definitely not last long in the blogging world, because the 'obstacles' all bloggers must surmount would easily defeat you. So you need a lot of passion.

Passion, though very central, cannot take the place of knowledge. One of the earliest mistakes baby bloggers make is to 'copy and paste' content from other blogs to their own. THIS WILL ALWAYS BACKFIRE AT YOU IN THE END! Avoid this! It is very bad! And called copyright infringement.

To be a good blogger is possible for everyone, but truth is blogging can be tasking and difficult. Despite this, it is extremely rewarding, first with an inner satisfaction, but also financially, if you persist long enough to attract reasonable traffic to your blog. With some real hardwork, you'll break through sooner than later, and then sit back to enjoy the fruits of all your labor.

Lest I forget, blogging can be addictive. You enter into the world of blogging and then tend to loose yourself in that maze of cyber-wonder resulting in days and nights without sleep, despite the health risks. I've had to discipline myself over the years to plan, keep and observe required times for other important life activities.

From the very beginning, I'd like to advise that if you got a job, you better plan out your time well so that you allocate time appropriately, so your job wouldn't have to suffer.

It is true that you can make money blogging. If you are lucky enough, you'd make an unbelievable amount. However, there are pitfalls you MUST NOT fall into while trying to augment your present means of livelihood with money from blogging, or even if you intend to make blogging your main means of livelihood.

The first you must always remember is to keep your present job until you are established as a blogger. This is very important. You must keep your job till you understand the rudiments of blogging, and only then, if you still feel like, may you resign. Second is never to fall foul of the 'Terms and Conditions' of ad networks you'd work with. On this one, Adsense never gives a second chance.

With all these in mind, I welcome you to SaibaWorld - let's explore the World of Cyberspace together. You may contact me here.


Ikenna Adimekwe
(December, 2011)
Blogging since 2007