29 January 2013

Twitter Slangs and their Meanings


I recently noticed how confusing it was for me to decipher a lot of Twitter slangs, or should I say Twitter shorthand symbols and lingo, as I browsed through my list of followers and their tweets. It's amazing how internet users across the world develop, distribute and finally catch on with slangs for use on the internet.

A little on history of internet slangs

First, during the good old days of Yahoo Messenger, internet users found that using non-conventional slangs and shorthand that were only practically available online shortened the length of time to type and send messages. So it caught on.

Along came the Google Chat, which although was neither popular nor made any impact in my part of the world, still added to the increasing number of available slangs. Other eras flashed by until Facebook and Twitter came along. These two have pretty much held the world spellbound with their ease of connection and communication.

Over time, a plethora of slangs, which I believe is unique to only these two social media platforms have developed. Seeing my confusion, and realizing there are other people like me out there, I have tried to make a compilation of frequently-used Twitter slangs and their meanings, and by extension Facebook slangs, hoping that it will help that someone like me out there.

Social media slangs and their meanings

You may add to the list, if you wish, using the "Add a comment" box below:

Twitter slangsMeanings of slangs
@(at) - sends a message to a user; or message referring to that user
#Hash tag - used to 'tag' tweets on certain topics
$Denotes a company's stock symbol
DMDirect Message
TweetupA real life meetup announced on twitter
BFBoy Friend (or Best Friend, whichever fits the situation most)
FFFollow Friday
HTHeard Through or Hat Tip
MMMusic Monday
SMSocial Media
SBSmall Business
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
MRTModified ReTweet
MTModified Tweet
NTSNote To Self
NPNow Playing
CCCarbon Copy (like in E-Mail)
LMAOLaughing My Arse Off
LMFAOLaughing My F__king Arse Off

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