3 March 2014

How to Secure Your FCMB Card Details


First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Ltd is a full service banking group, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with the vision ‘to be the premier financial services group of African origin’.

The Bank often prides itself in partnering with its customers, even in its jingle: "My Bank and I".

To ensure its teeming customers do not fall into the hands of fraudsters, the Bank has continued to inform its customers of security tips to avoid online fraud.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Ltd

Listed below are some important tips to note, and recommended by the Bank, while using your FCMB cards:
  1. Kindly disregard any request asking you to disclose the numbers on your Debit and Credit Cards via email or SMS as these 16-digit numbers are very sensitive.

  2. Only give out your card details in this format - 1234 56xx xxxx 7890.

  3. Ask the next person to give you privacy to conclude your transaction if you feel uncomfortable.

  4. Ensure you always cover your PIN numbers while inputting on the ATM.

  5. Never write down your PIN anywhere, your PIN is safest when you memorise it.

  6. Always ask only the banks personnel to assist you at the ATM, if you encounter any issues.

  7. Ensure to dispose of your receipt into the waste bins provided.

  8. Don’t bring out your debit card while waiting to use the ATM until it is your turn.

  9. Avoid using ATMs located in areas that are not well-lit.

  10. If you feel your card has been compromised, please call or email the Contact Centre immediately to block your card. The subject of the email should be - ‘BLOCK CARD’.
From its early origins in investment banking as City Securities Limited in 1977, FCMB, established in 1982, has emerged as one of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria and one of the top eight lenders in the country with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective segments.

FCMB was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 20 April 1982 and granted a banking licence on 11 August 1983. On 15 July 2004, the Bank changed its status from a private limited liability company to a public limited liability company and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, by introduction, on 21 December 2004.

As at December 2013, FCMB had 2 million customers, N1 trillion in assets, over 270 branches in Nigeria and a licensed banking subsidiary in the United Kingdom (FCMB UK) and a representative office in the Republic of South Africa.

Having successfully transformed to a retail and commercial banking-led group, the Bank expects to continue to distinguish itself by delivering exceptional service and taking its unique brand of supportive banking to every household in Nigeria.

Kindly call the FCMB dedicated Contact Centre on 012798800. Alternatively, please send an email to customerservice@firstcitygroup.com

Further information can be found at www.fcmb.com

Head Office:
Primrose Towers,
17A Tinubu Street,

Tel: +234 1 279 3030

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