3 August 2016

Secrets To Mobile Marketing Success For Internet Start-Ups and Businesses


Mobile marketing is one of the most effective and least costly methods of promoting a new business. With the right strategies, companies can create more awareness for their services or wares, start the branding process and begin shaping their commercial images. This article exposes top secrets to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

People are becoming increasingly reliant upon their mobile devices when searching for and purchasing goods. Thus, this is the ideal medium for pushing a new commercial endeavor to the forefront of consumer attention.

Below are steps that you may never have thought of for you to take to launch a highly successful internet business compliant on mobile devices.

Mobile marketing success tips
Mobile marketing: Tips for success

1). Launch A Website That Is Mobile-Friendly

The first step in any good mobile marketing campaign is to create a website that is visible on a vast array of commonly used devices.

Companies that are just getting their start have the advantage of building mobile-friendly pages from the ground up, which is often far cheaper than redesigning an existing site for increased visibility on small, hand-held devices.

A good site design will require minimal data entry and have extremely fast loading times for pages. More importantly, it will be designed with the harried consumer in mind.

2). Give People Something To Appreciate

Opting to use business SMS services to reach out to consumers in a more personable fashion is a great way to start building relationships. This, however, is only possible when companies go out of their way to give people something worth viewing. These interruptions are most effective when they are sent in conjunction with limited-time offers that suggest extremely low prices on in-demand services for a very short duration of time.

It can also be effective to imply that only very small quantities of high-value items remain in stock. Not only are limited offers guaranteed to incite more attention than the standard text message, but they can also inspire people to take immediate action.

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3). Double Up On Messages To Make Your Efforts Twice As Effective

The average consumer is inundated with marketing messages all throughout the day. As a result, many of these transmission are inadvertently tuned out or purposefully ignored. Fortunately, there are a number of business SMS services that allow companies to double their marketing efforts at very nominal cost. In these instances, you can send the same message by text and by voice in order to increase the likelihood of getting noticed by your prospects.

4). Use Mobile Social Media

Using mobile social media is another great way to start connecting with consumers on a personal level. These platforms are being used by people to shape opinions about businesses, services, products, world events and more. They also allow for exponential exposure and real-time communication. As a result, they give start-up companies a far greater chance to get noticed without having to spend beyond their means in the process.

Social media
Image credit: Huffington Post
You can use these platforms to share images of your business, create micro-blogs or upload short, video snippets that are sure to get people talking. Not only is this an effective way to promote your services and wares, but it is also a very cost-effective branding strategy.

5). Consider In-App Advertising

You may not be ready to develop an app for your business, but this does not mean that you cannot capitalize on the interest that the latest applications are generating.

Using in-app ads is a great way to get screen time while people are sure to be paying attention. Implementing these campaigns is not expensive and it is virtually guaranteed to provide great returns on your investment.

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This post comes from Sarah, who recently read this post on mobile marketing from directSMS. She recommends anyone investing in an internet venture take the time to consider how they’re going to get the word out to people using mobile devices.

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