16 August 2014

Free Online Course on “Understanding the Ebola Virus”


On August 8th 2014, the World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency as a result of the Ebola outbreak.

Symptoms of Ebola Hemorrhagic Disease (Ebola Virus Fever)

The Free Online Course

A Free Course on “Understanding the Ebola Virus” has been launched with the aim of helping to spread awareness and knowledge of the Ebola Virus, its dangers and threats, and information on how to avoid it among millions of online learners across Africa and worldwide.

ALISON is one of Africa’s largest educators and approaching one million learners across the continent. With learners in every country worldwide, the ALISON free learning platform can be used as an efficient way of getting timely health literacy information and training to millions.

Mobile enabled, ALISON has significant student numbers in the most affected countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It has over 100,000 learners in neighboring Nigeria and 50,000 in Ghana which have experienced new outbreaks of the disease.

The New “Understanding the Ebola Virus” Course

Commenting on the launch of the “Understanding the Ebola Virus” course, ALISON CEO & Founder Mike Feerick stated that “...as one of Africa’s largest educators we have a responsibility, as well as the opportunity to spread awareness and knowledge of the Ebola virus and help the global effort to contain the spread of this deadly disease.”

Dr Eric Corbett, Head of Content at ALISON stated that the fact that online courses can be updated instantly as new information appears make it a dynamic and an especially useful communication and effective learning tool. While internet penetration in rural areas across Africa is below global averages, the use of mobile phones is climbing at exceptional rates making many more people reachable than ever before.

World Health Organization

Organizations wishing to use the free learning infrastructure for this course can do so directly via the ALISON website. The course was developed using as core content the World Health Organization, and the United States based CDC (Center of Disease Control) Guidelines.

How To Access and Participate

To access the Free Course “Understanding the Ebola Virus”, please click here. To apply for a free learner group for your school, college or Workplace, contact support@alison.com including the words “EBOLA” in the subject line of your email.

Include the number of students you wish to enroll in this free course.

Help spread the word.


  1. Ebola is like terrorism. It's "new" and foreign and scary as hell, even though you have a higher chance of dying from bee stings or lightning strikes than Ebola or terrorism. And these issues get a LOT more coverage from the media than the old fashioned killers. It's interesting the way we process risk management.

    1. You are right, my friend! That is why it pays to learn all you can about it. Cheers!

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