27 December 2015

5 Secret Tips to Curtail Sleeping at Long Business Meetings


It happens to everyone! You fly thousands of miles from Lagos, for instance, to a faraway city such as Melbourne for an important meeting, and midway into the meeting, you find your eyelids fighting a fierce battle to stay wide and open. While it is uncommon to experience this struggle, it can be utterly mortifying; especially since a business meeting – no matter how long and dreary – is not only an inopportune time or an inappropriate place to nap.

Whether dozing off is an after effect of a medication, a result of sleep deprivation, jetlag or even just boredom, this article has summarized 5 secret tips proven to help you combat slumber at long business meetings.

How to stay awake through long meetings

1). Stand up or Bend and stretch

Nothing counters sleep as much as exercise, no matter how little. That is why most speakers at conferences on their own stop proceedings and encourage listeners or partners to move around or stretch, so as to regain their full attention.

If you are feeling very sleepy during a business meeting, try standing up and walking around the hotel or venue, and if that would be inconvenient, especially if it will draw too much notice, bend while sitting and stretch your arm as well as legs or back very slightly, it is usually a huge help.

2). Stimulate your nostrils

This does not mean picking your nose or anything remotely related. Inhaling scents or sniffing tissues laced with essential oils works wonders for people who tend to feel drowsy in corporate meetings.

Some must-try oils include basil oil for focus, eucalyptus to uplift,or peppermint oil to refresh.

3). Stick to a light lunch

Most long meeting that take place with hotels or restaurants nearby have breaks during which attendees are permitted to have lunch, and most times, it is during these post-lunch and tea sessions that sleeping culprits are caught.

To avoid being a scapegoat, opt for a low-sugar and low-carbohydrate lunch when browsing the buffet. Heavy options like pasta, bread, and sugar can make you feel sluggish, and consequently very sleepy. Instead, try fresh fruits, veggie salads or brain foods to help you sustain brain power and alertness.

4). Chew gum

Chewing gum may not be the best option during meetings as it tends to give off a vibe of unseriousness, however, desperate times can call for desperate measures.

If the sleep cannot just wear off, it may just be best to go with a bubble gum, as they have a way of helping you maintain focus. However, refrain from chewing too loudly or blowing and smacking it.

5). Avoid coffee, Stay hydrated

Contrary to general belief, coffee can sometimes cause fatigue. While the substance may be stimulating and can ward off drowsiness for a while, it eventually leads to dehydration which is one of the major causes of fatigue.

To keep alert during long meetings, avoid the coffee beans and go for fresh water instead. Fresh water keeps you hydrated, fighting off drowsiness, and helping you stay awake for much longer than just 8 hours.

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