9 January 2016

SFI Home Business: What Is A Standing Order?


Having a Standing Order, also referred to as a SO, means you've chosen to have a product (or group of products) delivered to you each month...automatically, while saving 10% off the cost of your orders each month! You can choose from hundreds of products at TripleClicks.

Setting up a Standing Order is quick and easy (see directions below), and you can easily modify or cancel your Standing Order at any time.

SFI Home Business: What Is A Standing Order?

Why have a SO?

1). You'll get your favorite product(s) automatically delivered each month without the hassle of reordering every month (in the case of physical products, shipped right to your door each month).

2). It ensures you don't fall below VersaPoints levels for the SFI rank you wish to maintain (you receive the amount of VersaPoints attached to the product(s) you choose each month).

3). It's the easiest, most convenient way to make sure you don't miss out on bonuses, commissions, and other perks every month—all while ensuring you also maintain uninterrupted access to your favorite product(s).

4). The more successful TripleClicks is, the more successful SFI's affiliates will be. A popular and successful TC means easier sponsoring, easier referrals, more ECAs, more products and services, better prices, and lower shipping costs among other things. All of this will result in bigger income streams for affiliates! Hence, it is in the best interest of all SFI affiliates to have a Standing Order!

5). Exclusive discounts of up to 17% on TC Direct products—TCredit Paks, SFI marketing materials, Advanced Liquid Nutrition, and more.

6). If your chosen product(s) has 1,500 VersaPoints or more attached, you'll receive 100 bonus VersaPoints each month.

How to create a SO

To set up your Standing Order:

1. Log in at TripleClicks.com (using your SFI ID and password).

2. Browse the store for the product of your choice. Click the Add to Cart button. On the popup, choose the number of items you want and select the checkbox for Standing Order. Click Continue button when done.

NOTE: All products eligible for a Standing Order should have a checkbox option to select a Standing Order. Ability to view the most popular products SFI Affiliates choose for Standing Orders is enabled after you become an SFI affiliate.

Tip: You can use the TripleClicks Advanced Search to quickly locate all products eligible for Standing Order and exclude those that are not. You can also sort by VersaPoint amount within your search results or in any product department (see sorting options in the right sidebar of your TripleClicks account).

3. Your item has been added to your cart for purchase now and for each month thereafter, until you cancel your Standing Order. Click Checkout Now to complete your Standing Order Checkout.

4. Check the billing and shipping info on the Standing Order Checkout page and select your shipping option. Click Continue Checkout button.

5. Choose a payment method, review the order summary, and read the Standing Order agreement. Select the Submit Standing Order button after you review and agree to the TripleClicks Terms & Conditions and the Standing Order pricing and bonus statement. NOTE: Click HERE to learn about the TripleClicks MasterCard.


Before you set up your Standing Order, be SURE you understand that:

1. You are authorizing the SFI system to charge your credit card each month for the item(s) on your Standing Order. NOTE: Click HERE to learn about the TripleClicks MasterCard.

2. You can always edit, modify, or cancel your Standing Order at any time without further obligation.

3. Product pricing, shipping, and handling fees may change over time, possibly effecting the total cost. Please keep track of your Standing Order charges from month to month. Our system will issue an e-mail to you notifying you of any product price changes.

4. By default, Standing Orders paid by credit cards are initially processed each month on or around the 10th, and, if unsuccessful, on the 20th and, if still unsuccessful, on the last day of each month. For your convenience, you may set your own initial processing date for any day between 1st and the 20th to have your Standing Order processed on that date each month; your changed date will take effect immediately. Our system's second and third attempt dates, however, cannot be changed.

5. Any changes to your existing Standing Order prior to the 10th of the month will take effect for the current month. Changes made AFTER the 10th of the month will take effect beginning the following month.

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