25 December 2017

4 Important Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

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As an entrepreneur, staying organized can be very demanding. However, technology/ propelled innovation has changed work propensities, daily administration objectives and the way tasks are being accomplished. Efficiency is important for any entrepreneur that is continually juggling different tasks as the quicker you can access information and execute, the faster your organization will be built.

In this article, we discuss 4 of the everyday apps which optimizes to the highest level the efficiency of every entrepreneur, whether an interpreneur or a brick-and-mortar entrepreneur. Below is a rundown of the 4 apps every entrepreneur should have, as compiled by the Jumia Market research team.

1). Mint

Mint is a money manager, budget and personal finance app designed to help you spend smarter and save more. It makes it simple to stay updated with your funds and deal with your investment funds while on the go. You can make spending plans, set objectives and record costs of doing business. It offers email alerts and bill payment reminders to help you remain focused on both your own and business funds.

Mint app

2). GotoMeeting

GoToMeeting allows business visionaries to lead their gatherings from anyplace they wish. It allows entrepreneurs to meet with representatives or clients from any place. Regardless of the restaurant, park, gathering room you get caught in, occupied business people will never miss or need to reschedule a meeting again.

GoToMeetine app (New look control panel)
New look control-panel of the GoToMeeting app

3). Humin

For every entrepreneur, networking is very important. The more connections you have, the greater your business. Humin recalls the little insight about every contact you have. This way, it’s easier for you to build as many connections as possible. Humin looks into your telephone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and joins them with your logbook, email and voice message to provide context to each one of those individuals recorded in your telephone.

Humin app

4). Evernote

Evernote remains the best digital note-taking app with an assortment of instruments that performs searches, keeps track of your expenses and manages your schedules. You can record audio notes, pictures and web screenshots with evernote’s “clipper” tool as well. On top of that, whatever you save in Evernote can be shared and sent to the rest of your team.

Evernote app

Article compiled and written by the Jumia Market research team. Jumia Market is an online marketplace and e-commerce company under the umbrella of the Jumia Group conglomerate. The company currently operates in 14 countries across Africa with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

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