20 July 2010

Copy Cats Can Help Promote Your Site With Tynt Insight


It seems unfair to a blogger and/or webmaster for his hardwork at producing a post to be copied and reproduced by another without even an acknowledgment. This can be a recurring headache.

It is heart-breaking to analyze your site and realize it is not being properly indexed by some search engines because these search engines find your posts, duplicated and copied by copy cats and posted onto their sites. Note however that the search giants are capable of managing this but the 'not-so-big' search engines may not.


Did i hear you say, 'ahh i use Copyscape on my site !' Suffice it to say that Copyscape simply tracks and notifies you if your content has been copied. It does nothing about it.

But there is a way to use the copying and reproducing of your content, even without permission, to generate more traffic from copycats and also get some links to increase your page rank.

Tynt Insight from Tynt Inc.

Tynt Insight generates a backlink after your content is copied by a blogger / webmaster onto his site. Isn't that great?

Tynt Insight Helps You :

  1. Get more traffic.
  2. Increase Search Engine Ranking.
  3. Get Credit for Your Content.
  4. See what sites are using your content, but actually promoting your content
  5. Analyze visits from those websites.
  6. And more CPM hence more money.
This tool can detect copied images and trace the websites. The best thing is, It's Free.

How to install Tynt Insight onto your website / blog?

  • Visit Tynt.com and register your domain; not the sub domains i.e. without WWW
  • After registration, get the script for your domain
  • Paste the script code into your blog.
And Eureka! that's all. Now you dont need to worry about unauthorized content copying because Tynt helps you keep an eye on those that copy your blog; and also gets backlink, more traffic, and increase page rank for you from them.

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