5 June 2012

How to Display Adsense for Mobile on Blogger / Blogspot Mobile Template


UPDATE: Blogger Announces Mobile Templates Support for all Template Designer Styles
Post below rewritten because Blogger changed dashboard layout - June 2012

Recently, the Blogger team announced the launch of new mobile templates for blogger/blogspot blogs to enable easy reading of blogger blogs on smartphones. Mobile templates will re-format your blogs for smartphones to enhance your readers’ viewing experience. To display mobile ads (i.e. adsense for mobile) on these mobile templates, two conditions must be met. If you fail to meet the two conditions, the mobile ads might not display on the mobile view of your blog.

I stumbled upon this information on some blogs and sites while searching the internet for ways to enable adsense on the mobile version of my Blogger blog. I also came across other methods of doing this on other blogs and sites on the internet, but the method presented below appears to be the most simple and straightforward. I have also included some edits I made on my own.

Below is a snapshot of adsense on the mobile view of my previous blog: http://drtonik.blogspot.com?m=1. Note the arrow in the diagram below pointing to the ad.

Note: SaibaWorld started initially as Drtonik's Webworld before changing its name
To get started, you must first optimize your blog for mobile viewing:

To do this, login to Blogger at www.blogger.com; then Go to Dashboard > Template > Wrench icon (i.e Customize Mobile Template) tab; on the Choose Mobile Template 'pop-up window' that comes up, enable the mobile template option by choosing Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices and then save settings.

After saving, Preview the mobile view. If previewed successfully, mobile ads will start showing on the mobile view of your blog, but on 2 conditions.

These conditions are:
  1. You must have added, at least one of your ad units using the ADSENSE GADGET; OR
  2. You must have configured your blog to display inline ads.
If you meet up with either of the 2 conditions above, you should be seeing adsense for mobile ads displayed on the mobile version of your blog.

  • On your home page, you will notice the ad at the bottom of the page (eg http://saibaworld.blogspot.com?m=1) while on your post pages at the top of the page (eg http://saibaworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-are-feeds-rss-atom-xml.html?m=1). You may not see it everytime, but we believe the Blogger team is working on it.
  • If you added all the Adsense units to your blog via "html/javascript" gadget for easily tracking of your ads with channels, you can just configure your blog to display inline ads and the ad will start showing on your mobile template.

How Do I Configure Inline Ads?

Login to your blog dashboard, Go to Layout tab. Then, in the "Blog Posts" section, click on "Edit". A pop-up window will appear with options to configure your blog posts. Check the box next to "Show Ads Between Posts". (Note: You must be signed up for AdSense before you can check this box.)

Once you check this box you'll see the configuration options for your ads. You can then select how often you would like ads to be shown after your posts.

For example, if you want ads to be displayed after every post, select "1" from the drop-down menu. (Please note that AdSense policies limits you to a total of 3 ad units per page and Blogger will automatically prevent you from going over this limit.) You can then select your ad format and colors. Once you have finished configuring your ads, click on the orange "Save Changes" button in the bottom right corner.

That's all.

You can view the mobile version of your blogger blog by adding ?m=1 to the end of your address e.g http://saibaworld.blogspot.com?m=1 and http://saibaworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-are-feeds-rss-atom-xml.html?m=1

Please Note:
The mobile templates currently support 6 variants of the Simple template and 6 variants of the Awesome template. If you have used one of these 12 templates through the Template Designer, your mobile view will be rendered in the same style as your desktop view (other template variants will be rendered as Simple). Some gadgets are also supported.

You can read more about the mobile templates at: http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/2010/12/new-mobile-templates-for-reading-on-go.html

If you have anything to contribute or ask, kindly make use of the 'Post a Comment' form/link below. Thanks!


  1. Thanks For This Post, I suppose to Visit My Friend`s House To Ask About this Topic luckily You Posted an Answer to A Question In Adsense Forum so.. Again thank you

  2. Can`t we show more than one adsense unit?

  3. hi manish, the simple answer (for now) is this: NO, you cant have more than one adsense unit per mobile page. besides, this is automatically regulated by Google. perhaps in the not-too-distant future, Google just may begin to allow 2 instead of 1 adsense per mobile webpage. but till then, enjoy what you have

  4. Thanks 4 ds very useful post, but, i'm using operamini browser for mobile and i'm nt seeing any mobile ads on ur blog. Did u deactivate it or is it my browser?

  5. Wow! It's disheartening to know my ads are not showing up on your phone; but I really don't have the answer to your question.
    However, I have noticed that certain versions of mobile browsers omit the ads on my mobile site i.e. they simply omit the ads code and ONLY display the content. Your mobile browser could be one of these.
    The true reason for this is simply beyond me at the moment. It would be appreciated if anyone who knows or with a better experience shares it here with us.

  6. The Problem is that Opera Mini does not support Java script yet and thats why mobile ads doesn't display on it.

    Most bloggers have now turned to Mobstac (which is free) to create mobile versions of their Blogs.
    Think i should switch too.

  7. Can`t we show more than one adsense unit?

    1. Hi Luneta, as at when this post was first published in 2011, Google did not allow more than one adsense. I am not certain if that position has changed; however, it is quite easy to check it up.

  8. is there is no way to show without connect with blogger, i mean show with javascript type...

  9. thanks a lot of it works perfectly.

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  11. Only shows display/text ads.Need to display only text ads.Please help.

  12. Thank you, My ads were showing on mobile version before, but from 2 days they were not showing up. i tried your answer. now showing on my blog mobile version. my blog www.ibusiness.ga

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