2 August 2011

Updates: Favicon for all Bloggers, Swipe navigation for Mobile, +1 now on Pages

Over the last few days, Blogger has rolled out a handful of updates, all of which are available to all Blogger users right now. Updates from Blogger are initially available only to Blogger in Draft users. If the update proves useful and is accepted, Blogger then makes it available to all users of Blogger. Here’s a rundown of the recent updates now available to everyone:

Favicon graduates from Draft

Announced earlier in the year, and made initially available only to Blogger in Draft users, Blogger now offer an easy tool for creating custom favicons on Blogger blogs. Blogger has today announced that this feature is now available to all Blogger users.

Since the initial release to Draft, Google's Blogger has added support for all image types (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc) and now automatically resizes the image to the correct favicon specifications. You can add a custom favicon to your blog right now on the Design | Page Elements tab, via the new favicon element shown below:

Swipe navigation for Mobile views

Adding to the featureset of the new mobile templates, you can now navigate through your mobile view with swipe navigation. This new navigation option lets you swipe through individual blog posts in a way that should feel very familiar for mobile and tablet users.

If you are viewing this post from a mobile device, you can give this a try right now!

Support for +1 on Pages

A few weeks ago, Google's Blogger announced the +1 button on Blogger, and today, the team has expanded the coverage to individual pages as well as blog posts. Brett Wiltshire of Blogger's Product Operations writes, "The +1 button (see image below) will now appear on Pages as an option on the sharing widget just as it has appeared for individual blog posts."

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