24 September 2011

A Guest Writer's Tips for New Bloggers'

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Rebecca Brown, a blogger for nearly 2 years and personal stylist, whose blog has been featured on Blogger's Blogs of Note wrote for Blogger Buzz on 'tips on how to get started'.

18 September 2011

How to Disable Right-Click on Your Blog or On A Particular Page

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Blog readers are essential for good traffic on any blog. However, not everyone who visit your blog comes with good intentions. Just like some loyal readers come to read your content, each time you update, others simply come to copy your 'sweat and hardwork', and paste onto their blogs. This can be quite annoying!

Blogger continues thoughtful reform with launch of app for iOS

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Bloggers on the platform of Blogger.com are all smiles as Blogger continued its recent thoughtful and appealing reforms with the launch of the new Blogger app for iOS.

14 September 2011

How to Display Adsense for Search Results within Blogger and non-Blogger Blogs

Displaying search results within your site, not only appears very professional, but has the advantage that your readers do not leave your blog. Besides, the searches increase page views with the potential of increasing your ad revenue.

4 September 2011

Blogger now wears fresh new look

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Few months back, Google committed itself to a project of new and improved updates for its products. Product manager, Chang Kim, few days back on 31st August announced the launch of a fresh new Blogger look for all Blogger users.