23 January 2016

Secrets of Facebook Marketing You Probably Never Knew Existed


Facebook might be the most versatile social media where you can promote your business to your target audience. However, its advertising platform, Facebook Ads, isn’t that easy to master. While the social media giant provide huge opportunities for reaching your target market, there are still plenty of secrets that even an experienced professional might not have heard of.

These secrets point out to Facebook advertising techniques, and this article will surely help you understand the essential steps necessary to promote your business through Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Secrets


1. Gain insight on your US-based audience through “Audience Insights++”

One particular Facebook’s secret is known as “Audience Insights++” which enables you to gather important data regarding your customers which are based in the US. Facebook has, in fact, partnered with some of the reputable data aggregators in the US to provide audiences’ data to the advertisers.

This feature could actually provide you with essential information regarding your US-based audiences such as:
  • Your customers’ household size
  • Online spending habits
  • Vehicles currently in use
  • Income range
You may be able to use this information in plenty of ways, and you can even save a lot of cash, which you might have spent otherwise in searching for a range of audience.

2. Facebook’s Ads Reporting could provide more detailed information

As a marketer, you might be happy to find out that Facebook can provide you with detailed information regarding the people who see your ads. Other than that, you can even create a list of the total clicks or impressions which your ads receive. If done right, you can use this information against your current ad campaigns to track their performance using Facebook’s Ads Reporting feature.

This feature works by helping the advertisers in determining how an ad is performing by country, age and placement. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this is that you can freely edit the information which you want to show in your report. The options you could choose from would include:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country
  • Placement
  • Destination
  • Gender and age
You can freely choose any of these options in order to get the results you are looking for. For example, if you chose “Gender” then your generated ad report would display the number of males and females who have clicked your ad.

3. Website targeting using Facebook’s Custom Audience feature

Facebook has released a new feature which would help advertisers retrofit their current audience. The feature which is known as Facebook’s Custom Audience enables you to find out who visited your website through your Facebook ad.

Facebook’s Custom Audience feature provides the following benefits for the advertisers:
  • Allows them reach their customers through the customer’s list
  • Allows them match their current customer’s list with Facebook’s user list through the saved email addresses located in the list

4. Find out which ads are paying off through “Conversion Tracking”

If you would like your target audience to take action each time they see your ad campaigns, then your conversion tracking tool would inform you if your campaigns are paying off. Other than that, it provides help to businesses in terms of calculating the ROI of their Facebook ads through a detailed report regarding the actions which people take whenever they see your ads.

Upon setting up conversion pixels on your website, you can then view the option for tracking conversions in the pricing section. Once the conversions are tracked, you will then receive a report informing you of the actions which occurred as the outcome of your ad.

5. Create Ad variations buttons through “Power Editor” feature

The latest Power Editor feature is actually a bulk ad creation and management tool which is created for advertisers who need control of their ad campaigns. This feature is located in the Ads Manager category.

Once you have opened the Power Editor, you have to make sure to choose the ads on top. Once the data starts to accumulate, you will then see a new button known as “Generate Variations”. When you click on this button, Facebook then begins to match diverse ad variations depending on the type and placement of ads.

6. Audience Insights

The new “Audience Insights” feature is among the most important, yet hidden secrets of Facebook Ads. It works differently from Page Insights in a way that it searches for the latest trends regarding your current or potential customers.

This can be found in the “Ads Manager” category and reveals important information such as:
  • Page likes – the number of likes and comments on your posts together with the number of clicks on your ads
  • Facebook usage – shows the platform or device used to access your page
  • Demographics – displays your audience’s age and gender
  • Language and location – tells about your audiences’ preferred languages and location
  • Buy activity – includes audiences’ past shopping behavior along with their preferred method
If you advertise your business on Facebook, make sure to consider these secret features so as to get the maximal result(s) you always wanted.

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