29 September 2015

10 Reasons To Edit Your Published Blog Posts

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Editing your published blog posts is probably the best advice you will read this month, yet very few of you will do it. Here are 10 reasons why you should. If you have others that make more sense to you, why not add them in the Comments.

10 Reasons To Edit Your Published Blog Posts

10 Reasons To Edit Your Published Blog Posts

1. To Correct Typos

Perhaps a no-brainer to start with. Leaving typos there will turn off a good portion of your audience and you will lose credibility with the ones who stay, which is even more important.

2. Because You Can And It Is Easier Than Writing New Blog Posts

This is almost two reasons in one. However if you think through why you are blogging, then a polished version of a previous post may well achieve your goals better than a new blog post that you are struggling to write.

3. To Optimize Search Engine Visibility

If you want more traffic through search engines then this reason alone justifies your editing. Through your analytics, you know why people visited this blog post. If it was a keyword search where your blog post was #6, then a little thought can probably get you to #1. This will increase your visitor traffic enormously.

4. To Add More Images

It is sometimes a struggle to find exactly the right image at the time. Images contribute little to search engine traffic so they can be left to a subsequent re-edit. Images do help greatly in making blog posts attractive to their human readers so it is worth adding them, even if it takes a second go-around.

5. Because You Should Better Serve Your Readers

Wait twenty four hours and re-read your blog post. Is it the best you could have done for your readers? If not tweak it.

6. To Allow You To Blog Fast

This is one of the most powerful reasons. If there is some news item or other blog post you would like to comment on, then do so even if your initial attempt is a fairly short post. Further reflection may allow you to develop the post in a very effective way.

7. To Allow You To Blog More Often

Reason 6 almost forces you to accept reason 7. Once your short placeholder blog post is up there, then you are committed. You will find that you are inevitably writing more blog posts this way. Through the blog site architecture, this will improve your search engine visibility and increase your visitor traffic.

8. To Incorporate Feedback From Your Visitors

If your blog posts are interesting and written fast, inevitably some of your visitors who comment may have important additions that could be included. In some cases this can spawn a new blog post. In other cases you may wish to amend the original post.

9. To Include Related Developments

With a fast developing subject, sometimes there are interesting items that arise that could usefully be added to the original post. In other cases you may become aware of other information that you missed in your first research. In either case these additions can enrich the original blog post.

10. To Create Everlasting Value

This is perhaps the most powerful reason of all. A printed page once printed is unchangeable. An online web page can be refined continually since potentially it will be there for ever for those who visit. Getting visitors to your web page is the most difficult part of the process, so why not make sure their visit is as perfect as it can be. Even a subsequent related blog post may not be the one the search engine suggests for a keyword query so make sure that the visitor sees relevant content if they are directed to an older post.


If this is not enough to get you to re-edit old blog posts, then perhaps you will let us know why that would be. Alternatively if you do re-edit for a reason that was not mentioned, then that too would be of interest. After all, unless you let us know, we will not know how best to re-edit this when the time comes.

This article is written by Barry Welford of www.searchenginepeople.com. He loves to write on different blogging topics that are of interest to all bloggers alike.

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