18 January 2016

3 Predictions for Tech in Nigeria 2016

Written by a Guest Contributor

It is a new year! We have finally crossed over to 2016, and while everything seems to be taking a new turn, it seems as though very little has changed in the tech world. No doubt 2015 witnessed the rise of major startups, local apps, impressive tech trends as well as innovations including wearable to large-screen smartphones. However, with the new year already rolling, we must ask ourselves: what are the possible things in store for Nigeria, with regards to technology?

Looking into 2016, this article by Ndem Nkem, a tech writer with of Jovago.com, predicts trends, innovations or technologies that may be witnessed in the Nigerian tech scene this year.

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2016 Nigerian tech predictions

1). Strengthened security

With Boko Haram issues stretching into the new year and a rise in crime and other insecurities now prevalent in the country, Nigeria's IT and physical security will become more connected and that convergence could lead to a safer environment as well as the use of better tech tools to ensure security.

From the use of analytics to track driver behavior, implementation of e-procurement systems, biometrics, security and threat management will certainly evolve and hopefully businesses as well as organizations will adopt these improved measures.

2). Increased power of Social Media

This last year, social media played a key role in influencing several national issues, especially during the election period. Nigerians harnessed the potential of modern communication tools to air their opinions and mobilize protests, successfully preventing a rigged election. Twitter hashtags and social media memes became important tools for mobilization and are likely to become even more prominent as 2016 progresses.

Social media

There will be more subscribers on key social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, as well as sensational blogs such as Linda Ikeji and BellaNaija, where they can give feedback on various posts and topics. The government is already responding to this perceived threat (especially as it affects access to information, media attacks, and cyber crime) and may adopt a social media bill in 2016.

3). A dearth of start-ups

Last year witnessed the rise of new startups such as Tuteria.com, Printivo.com and Gamsole.com. Although startups in general have now become part of the Nigerian society, spreading from metropolitan hubs to suburban areas, the current state of Nigeria’s economy suggests a dearth in the rise of startups in 2016.

Despite the large customer base and talents available, investors are not keen on investing due to the fall in value of the Naira and as such, startup inventors have little or no opportunities to raise venture capital. 2016 may have this sector experience challenges in the area of accessing funds; and even existing startups will find it difficult to thrive.

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Ndem Nkem is a Travel/Tech Writer with Jovago Nigeria, the self-acclaimed 'Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal'. You can link up with her on Twitter @ndemv; or on Skype: live:nkemndemv

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