28 October 2010

How to Enable Blogger's New Share Buttons

Way back in June 2010, Blogger officially announced and introduced new Share buttons. Sharing is an important feature for bloggers because when blog readers find an interesting post, they may want to share it with friends and family.

You may want to ask, "Why all the fuss about buttons?". Well, I did too initially. Share buttons make the task of your readers sharing your content with their friends and family very easy. It becomes a simple click action, not to talk of the extra traffic that now comes to the blog.

The new Share buttons can be placed under each post and lets blog readers easily share blog posts via email, Blogger, and popular social networks like Google Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook. Blogger plans to add more social network services in the future (for Twitter, Blogger integrated the goo.gl URL shortener to give bloggers the maximum space in Tweets so as to add their own remarks).

To have the new share buttons show up under your posts, edit the Blog Posts widget and enable Show Share Buttons in Layout | 'Edit' under Blog Posts widget (see image below).

Enable the Show Share Buttons in the Blog Posts widget
Fig 1: Enable the Show Share Buttons in the Blog Posts widget

Share buttons showing up under posts
Fig 2: Share buttons showing up under posts

P.S: There is also a Share link in the navbar, but for improved convenience Blogger provided the Share buttons below the post.

Go ahead and turn the new sharing buttons on, and have some fun having your posts shared around!

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