10 June 2011

Click On The +1 Buttons and Let Your Friends See

I hope many have noticed the new Plus One button (see the image below) on this weblog, replacing the old Google Buzz button. It appears just after every post or article here on this site.

Ever wondered what this button means or what it does?

The New Google +1 button

Clicking on the +1 button just means you are telling your friends/family that this article or page is worth a good read. You are promoting good content on the internet so that others can find it more easily in this vast web-sphere.

Do you now have a basic idea of what the +1 button is. If you do, I bet you can also imagine now what they are capable of. I reason they can drive good traffic to your blog or site.

Google says that by +1-ing an article you’re giving it "...a recommendation, a stamp of approval." More +1′s on a page means the site is more interesting to readers that similar such sites.

When you see a +1 button on sites, you can recommend a product, news article, movie or other content to your friends; bu +-1ing that site. When your Google connections search for such content or site, they will see your +1’s in their search results.

So down to the question you knew i'd ask before you leave my blog? Found anything interesting here on this blog? If yes, with all pleasure, go ahead and give that article a +1! If no, then I pray the next time you visit, things would be looking up better.

For more on Google's +1 button, read this article.

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