12 June 2011

How to Customize Your Favicon (in Blogger in Draft)

For many bloggers, having a custom favicon (the tiny image displayed in your browser’s window or tab like in image above) is the finishing touch that ties together the design and identity of a great looking blog. Today, you can now add a customized favicon to your blog. [NOTE: For now, this is only available for if you log in at http://draft.blogger.com]


You can add a custom favicon from the Design | Page Elements tab (or, from the Layout tab if you're using the new user interface), by clicking Edit on the new “Favicon” setting above the navbar element:

A new window will then open where you can select an image from your hard drive to replace the default favicon image. This initial launch only supports .ico files, but you can easily convert your JPEG, PNG, or other non-ico image file using your own image software. There are also many conversion tools online, and a quick Google Search brings up a handful of options such as http://www.icoconverter.com/.

Once you’ve selected the .ico file for your favicon, click Save. Blogger'll automatically resize the image to the correct dimensions, and you’ll then see the Page Elements updated with your selected favicon image:

When you save your template changes, you’ll see your newly-added favicon image displayed in your browser window or tab. That’s it!

Blogger says that in the future, it’ll add support for more non-ico image formats. So stay tuned! In the meantime, please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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